Organizations struggle to connect with Jewish individuals

People strongly identify with being Jewish, but claiming their attention is increasingly difficult

Jewish households associate with the Jewish community less and less

Competition in the "Attention Economy" is fierce

We're all glued to our phones

We now spend

more time on smart phones

than watching TV

2 out of 5 young adults are 

online "Almost Constantly"

-Pew Research (7/15- 1/18)

6.3 hours per day spent 

on our mobile devices

-eMarketer 10/18 (2016-2018)

We now book everything with apps

5 out of 6 active Jewish constituents regularly use apps for tickets reservations and other


-JFMD NEXTGen Survey 2019

26 million monthly diners 

via online reservations

2 million events per year

500 k wellness practitioners

125 million monthly bookings using OpenTable


3 million tickets per week

58 million active consumers

60 k event organizers

Young Jewish adults are asking for JLIFE

5 out of 6 active Jewish constituents would prefer a single portal with all events in one place

-JFMD NEXTGen Survey 2019

5 out of 6 active Jewish constituents would prefer to have

payment securely stored

for easier registration

-JFMD NEXTGen Survey 2019