Our Story

Professional and volunteer leaders at Jewish Federations in Detroit and Montreal set out to address the challenge of growing disconnection in their communities—the result of dramatic cultural, geographic and technological shifts in recent decades. To address this, we have developed JLIFE, a mobile app and online platform to connect individuals to Jewish life and experience. 

Our Vision

JLIFE will provide a simple, powerful tool for individuals to discover and connect with meaningful engagement opportunities and empower organizations to better reach and engage their audience.  Like Uber, MindBody and many other apps, JLIFE will drive participation by making the user experience ‘orders-of-magnitude’ easier. We believe that even relatively small shifts in behavior on the individual level can have a dramatic cumulative effect on the vibrancy and cohesion of a community.


Nothing short of a world-class mobile and online platform is required to grow adoption and change behaviors. To achieve this, we have assembled a team of proven technology entrepreneurs to oversee the design, development and launch of JLIFE. This team will be partnering with top global tech companies to build the platform.


The Problem

Our community is disconnected

and distracted

In today's modern world everything is competing for our time and attention.  Its hard to cut through the noise to discover and participate in Jewish activities that you actually would enjoy.

Organizations struggle to engage

Today's organizations spend countless resources trying to educate the community about programming and compel them to attend.  Its hard to target the right people and there are serious technology deficits.


The Problem

Individuals Are


A relatively strong sense of Jewish identity has been reported among Jewish millennials and other demographics in North American communities. Despite this, Jewish individuals are largely uninformed about the breadth of opportunities available to them. Beyond this, accessing Jewish programming is often technically cumbersome and frustrating for users, who now expect a frictionless experience when registering and attending programs.

Organizations Struggle to Connect

While a wide variety of Jewish organizations offer dynamic and meaningful programs, few have the technical capabilities needed to effectively reach and sustain connection with their audience. Older approaches, including advertising, direct mail and email, are becoming increasingly less effective. Additionally, most Jewish organizations struggle to organize and use data in a way that helps them build stronger, lasting relationships with their customers.

Introducing JLIFE

All Jewish Programming in one place.

  • Discover events and programs of interest

  • Share activities with colleagues, friends and family

  • Register quickly and easily


  • Reach their target audiences

  • Simplify their event outreach and registration process

  • Learn about their constituents interests and preferences

  • Connect organizations to each other and to the community

  • Enhance collaboration across the community

  • Grow participation and engagement in Jewish life

The Benefits

Brian Siegel
CEO, JCC Metro Detroit

"JLIFE would provide our JCC $120,000 in annual

cost savings."

(JCC Cost Savings Analysis, 2019)

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